Stripping (blasting/ water jetting) and painting mobile robots

Steel structures need regular stripping and painting in order to avoid corrosion. stripping is a difficult operation causing hardship for workers.

Any solution bringing automation improves working conditions.
In addition, we face more and more the following problematics on steel large parts:
Accessibility : work at height on ship’s hull, confined space operations inside penstocks, work at height with difficult access outside penstocks.
Containment : lead or asbestos presence in old coatings requires a full containment of the working area.
For all those reasons, ACRI INGENIERIE has developed various robotised stripping and painting solutions.

La Coche, project:

Penstock external surface.
Together with AMBPR and DONELLI companies, ACRI INGENIERIE has designed a ultra-high pressurewater jetting robot with full collection at source moving on the 2700 mm diameter outer surface.

Customer reference: DONELLI

BONRIEU, project:

Penstock outer surface.
EDF has challenged us with the development of a robot able to circulate on the outer surface of a penstock. The robot has been successfully designed, manufactured and tested. water jetting stripping and painting has been made in the Alps, on the 700 mm diameter Bonrieu pipe.

Customer reference: ANTICORR

NAJAR, Project:

Penstock inner side.
Sand blasting and first layer painting robot used in the Najar (Pyrénées) penstock drain.
Inner penstock diameter 1800 mm.

Customer reference: Battakarst

Le Bens, Project:

Penstock inner side.
Sand blasting and first layer painting robot used in Le Bens (Alps) penstock.
Inner penstock diameter 900 mm. For this project we have designed a set of specific Motor driven reels for the robot’s cable including optical fiber, electrical supply, pickling pipe, sucking pipe and paint pipe.

Customer reference: Battakarst