Precast concrete parts application

Thanks to our deep knowledge of this particular field, from production line to construction site, we have developed a wide range of dedicated machines to precast parts:


Automatic feeding machine.
Bar to bar feeding or barrel feeding system allowing simultaneous loading.

Customer references: STRADAL, BONNA SABLA


Self-propelled carriage for precast concrete sewer shaft.

Candelabra lifting (underground street lamp base) for palettisation.
Concrete tank turn-around lifting system.
Lifting beams and suction cups.

Customer references: STRADAL, EUROBETON


Spreading system used to enforce concrete into part moulds with immediate unmolding.
We adapt the spreader size to your mould. You can choose a hung spreader or a ground rolling one.

Customer references: STRADAL, FABEMI


Automatic storage for freshly unmolded precast concrete parts.

Customer references: FABEMI


Special turn-around equipment.
precast concrete sewer shaft ring support lifting beam.